Video: Stephen Thompson Uses Ninja Moves To Steal Conor McGregor’s Drinks

I have yet to watch the UFC 205 press conference, will do so after I write this little post. But from what I can tell, Conor McGregor was at Level Notorious during the presser. While McGregor and Eddie Alvarez were going back and forth, Stephen Thompson decided it was a great opportunity to steal McGregor’s Monster […]

Video: Nick Diaz Showing Off Nunchuck Skills

Nick Diaz has a lot of free time on his hands while serving his 5 year suspension, for weed; he won’t serve it all, and will probably be back next year. Nick is using he free time to work on his ninja skills. He recently posted a video of himself nunchucking it up, on a Michelangelo level […]

Video: 5-Year-Old Imitate Bruce Lee’s Fight Scene From ‘Game Of Death’ With Nunchaku

This is probably one of the greatest things I’ve seen. His skills with the nunchakus are wild! No telling how long it took him to perfect this, but the fact that he can imitate the video without looking, shit, looking too, is beyond amazing. h/t Uproxx