Photo: “Ronda Rousey” Play Called In Clemson vs. Louisville Game

The Clemson Tigers and Louisville Cardinals are going at it right now in a college football match. On the Tiger’s sideline, you see a coach holding up a play sign with a drawing of Ronda Rousey holding her belt. I’m curious to know what play this is. We aren't sure what the Ronda Rousey play […]

Bones Knows Trouble

Wednesday night the UFC broke news that they would be stripping Jon Jones of his title; this coming days after Jones allegedly caused a three car wreck in Albuquerque, NM. He then fled the scene on foot, before returning to the scene to grab some cash out of his rental car, then ran off again. […]

Video: Johnny Manziel “What Should I Do” Parody

When Johnny Manziel was winning the Heisman, I honestly didn’t know who he was; this is coming from someone who attended Texas A&M. When he started making news for pretty much acting his age, I was intrigued. Once this shit blew up because he was simply having a good time and allegedly making some coin […]