Video: Tom Brady Gives Roger Goodell #SuperBowl Stone Cold Stunner

I wonder if Commissioner Goodell tried to deflate the MVP trophy before presenting it to Tom Brady? The memes are coming in full steam, and The Score provides us with this gem. Tom Brady accepting the Super Bowl MVP like… ­čÉÉ­čĆć­čśé #NFL #SuperBowl #SB51 #Patriots A post shared by theScore (@thescore) on Feb 5, 2017 […]

Video: Stephen A. Smith Reports of Paid Patriotism By The US Department of Defense To The NFL

Where was all of this hostility prior to 2009? Colin Kaepernick initiated the protest of the National Anthem by athletes when he refused to stand while the anthem is played. More athletes are following suit once they realize the symbolism┬áof his efforts. Stephen A. Smith went on ESPN’s First Take┬áand explained how football players standing […]

Video: President Obama Speaks On Colin Kaepernick Demonstrating His 1st Amendment Right

This is America┬áand is supposed to be the land of the free, home of the brave. This is true, if you are white. If you are black, you are heavily criticised for things that people wouldn’t normally bat an eye at. We all know about Colin Kaepernick not standing for the national┬áanthem, but everyone seems […]

Photos: Legacy 50 Event

Photo Credit: Mike The Truth Jackson Photo Credit: Limelight Image

Video: Antonio Brown Attempted to Straddle Goal Post After Punt Return Touchdown

The Steelers completely trashed the Colts, 45-10.┬áThe final┬áscoring play was a 71 yard punt return by Antonio Brown. It wasn’t the return that has people scratching their heads, it was his action once reaching the end zone. Brown slowing down just a tad, and attempted goal post straddle;┬áhe failed. Brown received a penalty for unsportsmanlike […]

Jon Jones Lobbing His Brother Female Fans On Twitter

When you’re arguably the greatest fighter in MMA, you’re going to have some pull on social media.┬áJon Jones was looking to┬ápass off his single brother, New England Patriots’ Chandler Jones, to young lady on Twitter. Then out of nowhere, another young lady┬ájumped in on the thread, trying to get the digits. Nothing surprises me anymore […]