Video: Kevin Lee & Michael Chiesa Engage In Fisticuffs Over Mom Comment At Summer Kickoff Presser

Well, if you talk about someone’s mom, expect a professional fighter to want to punch you in the mouth. At the UFC Summer Kickoff presser in Dallas, TX, Kevi.n Lee and Michael Chiesa were exchanging words, then Kevin Lee brought Chiesa’s mom into the mix. A few more words were exchanged, then Chiesa charges Lee. […]

Video: Khalil Rountree Tells His Mom To “Shut Up” Mid-Fight At #TUFFinale

When I’m the middle of a fight, there are few individuals I can here. I hear my coaches, inaudible cheering, and then my mother. When you hear someone’s voice for so many years, you just know what that person’s voice sounds like. During The Ultimate Fighter 23 Finale, Khalil Rountree was pinned on the cage […]

Video: Lady Given Multiple Tries On Family Feud Is Confusingly Hilarious

As I’m watching the unedited clip of Family Feud, I’m thinking to myself, I can’t think of many alternative names that I call my mother outside of mom and mommy (yes, I call my mother “mommy” from time to time, sometimes you need something extra). One question asked to the Patterson family on an upcoming […]