Video: Melania Curves Donald Trump Trying To Hold Her Hand… Again

Maybe Melania is finally shaking the Stockholm Syndrome. There have been several times since Donald Trump has become President of the United States, that the First-Lady, Melania, has elected not to show affection in public with her husband. After arriving in Rome, the couple waved to the crowd as they walked off of Air Force One. Then, […]

Video: Black Cardinal Refuses To Shake Donald Trump’s Hand Following Church Service

Whether you believe the alt-facts or not, Donald Trump is not popular within the black community. Many believe he’s a racist, and even if he is not, his rhetoric incites hate towards black people. A tradition that apparently dates back to the nation’s first president, George Washington, Donald Trump and his wife Melania, as well as […]

Video: Melania Trump Plagiarized Michelle Obama’s Speech For The 2016 Republican National Convention

The Republican National Convention in Cleveland was lackluster at best. A bunch of former celebrities coming out to speak on Donald Trump’s behalf, not much to see. The focus has been placed on Trump’s wife, Melania, and the speech she gave. There was a section in her speech that was, for the most part, verbatim of the speech […]