Video: Paige VanZant Returns from DWTS To Knockout Bec Rawlings

Paige VanZant took a break from fighting to compete on Dancing With The Stars. It looks like she brought back some of those moves to the octagon. Rawlings controlled the first round with crisp striking. VanZant threw a lot of jumping and spinning techniques, but nothing landed. After VanZant’s corner asked her to settle down […]

Four Unbooked Fights In The UFC That Interest You

The UFC has some solid fighters who have recently fought or just haven’t been booked. I put together a list of fights I would pay to see. From ex-champion to rising star, these fights not only make sense but are also top notch in entertainment. Here are some bouts I would like to see booked. Middleweight: […]

Photo: Cris ‘Cyborg’ Could Be Bringing In A New Sensei For Her Upcoming Camp

So, will Sensei Seagal take credit for the destruction Cris ‘Cyborg’ has left in her wake all these years? ‘Cyborg’ posted a photo with Steven Seagal with the caption, “Looking forward to The start of training camp already! News coming Soon!” One is to assume that Seagal will be teaching her secret moves, similar to […]