They Like The Way It Hurts

“In America we say you play football, you play baseball, you play basketball. You don’t play boxing. Boxing is serious stuff.” – Larry Merchant I believe the same can be said about MMA/Muay Thai fights. You never hear a fighter say they are getting ready to play against someone; they are getting ready to fight […]

7-29-11 Blog: Legacy Amateur Series

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Legacy Amateur Series July 29, 2011 Card

Courtesy of WOW!! This is going to be a great card. Tons of action. We all know the majority of these fights won’t happen, but let us all hope the important ones do. I’m excited, make sure to stay tuned for the blog. Check out the last Legacy Amateur Series in Houston here. July […]

2-18-11 Blog: Legacy Amateur Series

UPDATED: Legacy Amateur Series Feb 18, 2011 Card

  Courtesy of, formally Lonestar Beatdown, now Legacy Amateur Series, is back in Houston on Febuary 18, 2011. Like always, there will be many changes to this card. Fights will drop, some will jump in. None the less, its going to be a great card. Fight Card (Subject to Change): 170 Title – Corey […]