Video: Morgan Freeman’s Review of 2018

I, personally, love year-end reviews; you get to reflect on moments that you may have forgotten from the past year. And what’s better than your standard year-end review? A year-end review narrated by Morgan Freeman! I hope we eventually get a Sam Jackson review.

Dave Chappelle Drops Two Specials In His First Collection on Netflix

Over a decade away from the small screen, Dave Chappelle is back. Netflix will host several standup specials from the comedian, beginning with collection 1. At midnight, the first collection was released. The collection features two specials, one from an LA show, the other from Austin. Chappelle talks OJ Simpson, the Flint water crises, Key and Peele, […]

Video: Teyana Taylor In Stop Motion Video With Only Gold Flakes and Chains

When Kanye West released the ‘Fade’ video which featured Teyana Taylor doing someone kind of ‘Flash Dance’ gym routine, there was a collective slow clap across the internet. Women, for the most part, seemed inspired by Taylor’s physique. With it only being just over a week, there’s no telling if those women will stick to their […]

Video: Kanye West ‘Fade” Music Video Featuring Teyana Taylor

The moment Kanye West’s new music video “Fade” hit my Twitter timeline, I knew it was going to be something magnificent. Teyana Taylor was featured in the video, wearing just a sports bra, a thong, and hand wraps, dancing around a workout room. I don’t know how else to describe how magnificent the video is, […]

Video: Kanye West’s ‘Wolves’ Balmain Music Video

I haven’t listened to much Kanye as of late. I think the last album I listened to in its entirety was ‘808’s and Heartbreak’. It was different from his style that was on ‘Late Registration’, but I still jammed it. Kanye released the music video to his single ‘Wolves’, which was directed by Steven Klein. The […]