Video: Lil Rel Howery Discusses His Role As ‘T.S.A Agent Rod Williams’ In “Get Out” & Bulls Basketball

If you haven’t seen “Get Out” yet, take time out to do so. Without giving any spoilers away, Lil Rel Howery’s character ‘TSA Agent Rod Williams’ plays a large role in the story’s plot; he’s also my favorite character in the movie. Lil Rel joined ESPN’s Michael Smith and Jemele Hill on ESPN’s “The Six”, […]

Video: Jemele Hill & Michael Smith Parody Boyz N The Hood With Hiz & Herz N the Hood

No clue if this is for Halloween or not, but Jemele Hill and Michael Smith parodied John Singleton’s Boyz N The Hood, with a sports twist, and it was pretty spot on. I'm pretty sure I'm the first ESPN person to drink a 40 on a show. ICYMI… — Jemele Hill (@jemelehill) October 31, […]