Harris County Civil Judge Accused of Shooting at Husband’s Side Piece

C’mon, Young Blood. Don’t kill me, man. I got a mothaf***in’ girlfriend. I got a wife on the side. Pinky, from Next Friday I, for the life of me, will never understand how men cheat on women knowing they keep the heater close. Well, the husband of Harris County civil judge Alexandra Smoots-Thomas, and his […]

Video: Rob Van Dam Gets Impact Wrestling Banned on Twitch with Risqué Video Featuring His Girlfriend, and His Girlfriend’s Girlfriend

I’m old enough to remember Rob Van Dam from back in his ECW days, unlike the ladies in this video, according to RVD. Being a fan of the “The Whole F’n Show”, I had to check out the video that got Impact Wrestling banned from video game streaming site, Twitch. I’ll be honest, I don’t […]

Photo: Conor McGregor’s Girlfriend, Dee Devlin, Gives Birth to Baby Boy

And just like that, the heir to the McGregor has arrived. Dee Devlin, long time girlfriend of Conor McGregor, gave birth to a baby boy this past Friday. McGregor and Devlin decided on Conor Jr. as his name; it’s only fitting. According to MMAFighting.com, an Instagram has already been setup for the baby, and it’s already […]

Video: Benny Madrid Thanks Wife and Girlfriend After Win at WSoF 23

“C’mon, Young Blood. Don’t kill me, man. I got a girlfriend. I got a wife on the side.” Benny Madrid submitted Jeff Fletcher via rear-naked choke at World Series of Fighting 23. In his post fight interview, he went all Pink from Next Friday on us, thanking both his wife and girlfriend.

Video: Cousins Fight After They Both Snitch To Each Other’s GF

My first reaction to seeing this, why is Garvens Brun trying to beat up his cousin? Then I realize it’s not Garvens, just two cats who have no idea what they’re doing. Now I’m hearing the girl recording say “don’t grab.” Uh, ma’am, this is a street fight, and anything goes. My man in the […]


Video: Guy Gives His Chick WWE Finishers In The Pool

There’s a possibility Joe Weller came up with this masterful plan after the RKO phenomenon took off, but whatever gave him this idea, I’m thankful. Joe gets his lady, I’m assuming, to allow him to perform several WWE finishing moves on her into a pool. I know her back was red after taking that “Last Ride”. […]