Photo: Sage Northcutt Training at TriStar and Having Dinner With GSP

The quickly rising start that is Sage Northcutt, made it to the UFC with fairly little MMA training. He has an extensive background in traditional martial arts from an early age, but as an adult, he does not spend the time in the gym that many athletes do. Now in the UFC, and with one win […]

How The UFC Gets 2.5 Million Buys

During the UFC 190 Post Show, Dana White claimed that a fight between Ronda Rousey and Cyborg Justino would do around 2.5 million pay per view buys. White says all Cyborg has to do is make the weight, and the fight is on. 2.5 million ppv buys would be the biggest UFC event since UFC […]

Video: Nick Diaz On Matt Brown, Shogun Being Robbed, & Being Superman

When Nick Diaz is around, be ready to listen to whatever he has, it will for sure be epic. PopCandies TV caught up with Nick Diaz in Hollywood, and he seemed to be a little inebriated. There are so many gems, I don’t know where to begin.

In The Year 2014…

In 2013 we saw GSP sort of win his last fight, Silva possibly suffer a career ending injury, Duane Ludwig become one of the best striking coaches, and an endless amount of bad haircuts from Vitor Belfort. We didn’t see Dominick Cruz fight, Ronda Rousey mature, Nick Diaz come out of retirement, or GSP beat […]

Talking With Duane Ludwig

There I was in my hotel in downtown Houston waiting for the Legacy 18 fights and waiting for Duane Ludwig to call for a phone interview. I had a few hours to kill before Mr. Ludwig called so I hung out at the hotel bar talking to some guy holding a poodle about why I […]