Video: 15-year-old Protester Maced and Called a “Goddamn Communist, Nigger Lover!”

Trump supports are living the Thug Life, no doubt. In a recent post about the Free Hugs Project going to both Donald Trump and Bernie Sanders rallies to give out free hugs, there was a clip where a young teen protestor was maced. There are now more videos and details surround the event, that have been […]

Video: A Man Offers Free Hugs At Trump & Sanders Rallies, Gets Two Different Reactions

Let me preface this by saying this video may or may not have been skewed in a direction that would show Sanders’ supports in a more positive light than Trump supporters. Now that we’ve gotten that out-of-the-way, it’s clear that the types of individuals who support these candidates are distinct. I’m not saying all Trump’s supporters […]