Video: GSP Announces Free Agency On #TheMMAHour

There have been talksĀ of Georges St. Pierre returning to MMA since he left, but no one knew if or when the return would happen. Today, GSP went on to The MMA Hour with Ariel Helwani to throw the MMA world a curveĀ ball, he announced he is now a free agent and no longer under contract […]

Video: @BdotAdot5 With KD & Westbrook Conversations Be Like

Today, Kevin Durant made it official, and decided to take his talents to The Bay, and join Steph Curry and the Warriors. If you’re a Thunder fan, more than likely you’re upset by Durant’s decision, and if you’re a Warriors fan, you’re most likely buying season tickets. The basketball personality Brandon Anderson (@BdotAdot5), gave us […]