Video: Floyd Mayweather Sr. Cracked In The Face and Dropped While Sparring

Look, if Floyd Mayweather Sr. decides he wants to get in the ring and get some rounds in, that’s on him. Me, personally, don’t want to see old-timers take shots like this, no matter how hard the punches are. No clue as to why Mayweather Sr. decided to climb in the ring with the young, […]

Video: Floyd Mayweather Sr. on Ronda Rousey “She Wasn’t Shit Anyway”

Fighters, celebrities, people who don’t even watch MMA, are giving their opinion on Ronda Rousey being knocked out by Holly Holm this past Saturday at UFC 193. Although her verbal rival Floyd Mayweather Jr. decided to take the high road and not talk down about her, doesn’t mean Floyd Sr. will. Check out what he […]

Video: Floyd Sr On Fight With GGG: ‘He ain’t fighting no damn giant’

At 48-0, and possibly one fight left in his career, who will Floyd Mayweather Jr. end his career in the ring against? That is the question that has been on many people’s minds since he out boxed, and made his fight with Manny Pacquiao look like sparring match. One name that has been thrown around,¬†Gennady […]

Floyd Mayweather Sr. Sparring 23 Year Old “Punk”

Big Floyd still got some moves. After Floys Sr. tries to help this kid out on the heavy bag, he told Floyd he didn’t need any help and could knock him out. Even though his 56 years old and suffers from¬†sarcoidosis, he still gave this young punk a lesson in boxing. Too bad he couldn’t […]