Photo: Katya Elise Henry Dress Up As Dora The Explorer For Halloween… But More Fitness Like

Game 6 of the World Series just started, so many may not be out trick or treating. If you happen to go candy hunting and are lucky enough, you may spot fitness model Katya Elise Henry out, exploring. View this post on Instagram D-d-d-d-d-dora 💕 who’s tryna explore? A post shared by Katya Elise Henry […]

Video: Michelle Obama Adds Kickboxing To Her Workouts

I had low expectations from what to expect with the FLOTUS’ technique, but not too shabby. Michelle Obama has always talked about fitness, and the country staying getting into shape, we now get to see some of her workout routine, which includes a little kickboxing. Now, she just needs to check out the Muay Thai […]