Video: Hockey Announcers Switch to MMA Announcers During Fight

Why isn’t hockey more popular? They let you fight. More impressive than the actual fight, the hockey announces had solid knowledge of MMA, and were calling the action just as an MMA announcer would. This Hockey announcer can cover MMA fights — Zombie Prophet (@ZPGIFs) November 13, 2017

Video: Draymond Green and Bradley Beal Get Into a Tussle During Wizards vs Warriors Game

I have no idea what start the skirmish, but it looked as is Bradley Beal was clinching on to Draymond Green for dear life. Both players were ejected. Check out the incident below Here's the full fight between Beal & Draymond — Logan Murdock (@loganmmurdock) October 28, 2017 UPDATE: It looks as if Beal initiated […]

Video: Everyone’s Reaction Caught on Camera in Joe Budden vs Migos Conflict

You have to know what you’re talking about if you want to interview someone. If you have seen the original video, the interviewer was all over the place with his questions, and even misspoke on some things. Joe Budden had enough and stormed off set, this caused Migos to puff out their chest. Migos got […]

Nick Diaz Jumped Inside of Las Vegas Night Club

When alcohol is involved, the douche level is raised to the maximum level for some. Here’s is what TMZ is reporting: Nick Diaz ended up in the middle of a huge brawl while partying at Hyde nightclub in Vegas early Wednesday morning … TMZ Sports has learned. A rep for the club tells us the […]

Video: Full Video of Katt Williams’ Altercation With Kid

There are times when clips of videos don’t do entire situations justice, I would say that this is one of those instances. A couple of days ago, a video hit the internet that showed Katt Williams punching a kid in the face, then proceeded to get choked by that kid until bystanders separated the two. […]

Video: Idaho HS Basketball Fan Rushes Floor and Assaults Mascot

Even nice, cuddly looking mascots, aren’t safe from being attacked by violent high school basketball fans. At an Idaho state high school championship basketball game between Rexburg’s Madison Bobcats and Pocatello’s Highland Rams, a brief scuffle broke out between the fans and the mascots. As Madison’s students were taking part in their traditional dance routine on their side […]