Video: Conor McGregor Pimp Slaps Ireland Commissioner Who Tried To Get Him Off Cage

Conor went over to boxing and grabbed the big money bag and hasn’t looked back since. While in Ireland watching his teammate fight on the Bellator 187 card, Conor hopped in the cage to celebrate his teammate’s win. He then got into a skirmish with referee Marc Goddard. Before he successfully entered the cage, he […]

Video: Conor McGregor Jumps Into the #Bellator187 Cage, Then Confronts Referee Marc Goddard

Never go full Conor McGregor. Bellator 187 took place in Dublin, Ireland, home of the UFC Lightweight champion and former Featherweight champion, Conor McGregor. McGregor was in attendance to support his teammates. In attendance as a fan and not a cornerman, McGregor scaled the cage and jumped in to celebrate with his teammate, Charlie Ward, […]

Video: Conor McGregor Rolls Up On Fans Mocking Him In The Streets of Dublin

The king of Ireland, out riding around the streets of Dublin, saying hello to his people; it’s great to be Conor McGregor right now. The UFC Lightweight Champion, Conor McGregor, is at the top of the mountain right now. He defeated Eddie Alvarez to win the lightweight title & he’s expecting his first child in the upcoming […]

Photo: Conor McGregor Has ’13 Seconds’ Beer Sold In Dublin Pub

It’s good to be king, yeah? It is only fitting that Conor McGregor would have some type of alcoholic beverage named in his honor. A pub in Dublin, Ireland is selling a special beer called ’13 Seconds’. The name correlates with the time it took for McGregor to dethrone the former UFC Featherweight Champion, Jose […]

Video: Norman Parke Trolls Reza Madadi at UFC Dublin Weigh-ins

Norman Parke and Reza Madadi are set to face off at the upcoming UFC Fight Night in Dublin. Parke decided to bring a purse to weigh-ins and give to his opponent, Madadi. Now why would Norman do that? Well, back in 2013, Reza was sentenced to a year and a half in prison for aggravated burglary […]