In The Year 2014…

In 2013 we saw GSP sort of win his last fight, Silva possibly suffer a career ending injury, Duane Ludwig become one of the best striking coaches, and an endless amount of bad haircuts from Vitor Belfort. We didn’t see Dominick Cruz fight, Ronda Rousey mature, Nick Diaz come out of retirement, or GSP beat […]

Duane “Bang” Ludwig on Team Alpha Male

I had the chance to catch up with the new Team Alpha Male Muay Thai instructor Duane Ludwig via phone while he was in Bristol, TN doing a seminar. It was late in the evening and he was in his room watching fight footage, I also was watching fight footage from my couch. I wanted […]

Talking With Duane Ludwig

There I was in my hotel in downtown Houston waiting for the Legacy 18 fights and waiting for Duane Ludwig to call for a phone interview. I had a few hours to kill before Mr. Ludwig called so I hung out at the hotel bar talking to some guy holding a poodle about why I […]