Video: Drake Hitting Mitts With Boxing Trainer… I Mean, Alright, Drizzy

Combat sports training can be a great workout for anyone, even if you’re not trying to get punched or kicked in the face. Mick Maynard’s favorite person in the whole wide world, Drake, picked up a boxing trainer for a different type of cardio workout. And to be honest, I’m a bit disappointed with his […]

Video: Morgan Freeman’s Review of 2018

I, personally, love year-end reviews; you get to reflect on moments that you may have forgotten from the past year. And what’s better than your standard year-end review? A year-end review narrated by Morgan Freeman! I hope we eventually get a Sam Jackson review.

Podcast: The Truth about Stuff – #7

Rich and I are back after a week off for Thanksgiving, and we’re here to give you something to listen to. This week, we preview the final Legacy FC card, Legacy 63, which takes place this Friday in Tulsa, OK. We also talk about the the inaugural LFA card which takes place Jan 13, 2017 in Dallas, TX, we discuss out favorite moments in Legacy FC history, and we talk the UFC’s Featherweight Division now that Conor McGregor was stripped of his title, and will remain at lightweight.

Video: Sting Preforms During Halftime of NBA All-Star Game In Drake’s Town

With the 2016 NBA All-Star game taking place in Toronto, Ca, and with Drake showing up everywhere, one could assume that he would have been performing during the halftime show. Well, he didn’t. The NBA solicited the services of Sting. Now, there’s nothing wrong with Sting, I enjoy his music, but think about the demographic […]

Video: Drake and Future’s Song Big Rings Mashed Up With Captain Planet

Drake and Future released the mixtape What a Time to Be Alive last month, and it debuted at No. 1 with 375,000 units sold opening week. To celebrate the success, Future purchased two large, diamond-studded custom pinky rings. Once this hit the internet, you knew it was only a matter of time before a meme of some sort […]

Video: Drake and Meek Mill Get The Mortal Kombat Treatment

Game. Set. Match. I’m sure the majority of the people on social media have seen something in reference to the “beef” between Meek Mill and Drake. Celebrities are coming out of the woodwork, laughing at Meek Mills; still, no one knows why he opened up this can of whoop ass on himself. After a couple […]