Photo: Donald Trump Jr. Attempts To Teach Daughter About Socialism via Trick-or-Treating, Twitter Responds

I personally look forward to waking up and reading what the Thug-in-Chief, Donald Trump, has tweeted. But it’s Halloween, let’s see what Jr has to say. Although the tweet came in the afternoon, Trump Jr. tweeted out a photo of his daughter Chloe with a bucket of candy, which I presume is from some trick-or-treating […]

Photo: Floyd Mayweather Jr. Meets With President-Elect Donald Trump and Donald Trump Jr.

Donald Trump likes to tote around minorities to show how “down” he is for the cause; we all know he’s not really down. The most recent black man that Trump is parading around, former boxing champion, Floyd Mayweather. Trump Jr. shared a photo of the three men together, no word as to what their meeting […]