Video: ‘Long Live the Pimp’ – A Documentary on the Life and Legacy of Pimp C

UGK is one of my favorite rap groups. Although I am of fan of Bun B, it’s the voice of Pimp C that grabbed my attention and caused me to gravitate toward the Underground Kingz. Bun B, Nas and more are featured in Long Live the Pimp, a new short documentary about the life and […]

Column: Knees To The Grounded

Grandma Emma’s. The neighborhood diner, we all have one. Serving a diverse but affordable cuisine usually owned by an olive skinned family of either Greek or Italian descent. In my early twenties and fresh into my first legally rented apartment, Grandma Emma’s was mine to hold court in. I was new to the neighborhood and […]

FIGHTVILLE will premiere at the SXSW Film Festival (March 11-20) in Austin,TX

FIGHTVILLE is about the art and sport of fighting: a microcosm of life, a physical manifestation of that other brutal contest called the American Dream, where men are not born, but built through self determination, hard work and faith. It may be a myth, but in FIGHTVILLE, that’s what champions are made of.   I’m […]