Video: Evander Holyfield Gets Dropped For Charity By Mitt Romney

Watching this video, I can’t even right now… Evander Holyfield decided to get in the ring against Mitt Romney, for charity. I don’t care how much charity this is for, there is NO WAY, I’m even playing that Mitt Romney “knocked me down,” it’s just not happening. Former heavyweight champion of the world, Craig, OF […]

Video: Boxer Admits Taking Dive Against Mickey Rourke

Last month, Mickey Rourke (6-0-2) returned to the boxing ring after 20 years, for an exhibition against Elliot Seymour (1-9). The even took place in Moscow, Russia. It was the way the fight ended that was questionable. Now we know why. Looks like 62-year-old Hollywood action star Mickey Rourke, who laced up the boxing gloves earlier this month […]