Former Illinois Congressman Joe Walsh Attempts To Incite Race War Now Fears For His Life

Former Illinois Congressman Joe Walsh, decided it was a good idea to send out a tweet stating “This is now war. Watch out Obama. Watch out black lives matter punks. Real America is coming for you.” Now, if you look at this tweet, one could assume these are threats on the lives of both President […]

Video: Mark Hughes Says Cops Lied & Said They Had Him on Camera Shooting

This entire week has been a tragedy, from black men being killed by cops, to snipers killing cops. In light of all of this, it’s good to see that Mark Hughes was not another victim. During the peaceful police shooting protest in Dallas, Hughes was peacefully and lawfully walking around with an unloaded assault rifle; Texas […]

[UPDATE] Video: Five Dallas Police Officers Killed After Peaceful Protest

This is not what needs to happen right now. After the tragic deaths of two black men, Alton Sterling and Philandro Castile, at the hands of the police, there have been several protests around the country against police shooting. In what was supposed to be a peaceful protest in Dallas, TX, toward the end of the rally, […]

Video: Ryan Benoit Defeats Sergio Pettis At UFC 185

Fighting in his home town, for the UFC, Ryan Benoit just earned the biggest win of his career. Coming into the fight against Sergio Pettis, younger brother of UFC champion Anthony Pettis, Benoit finished his opponent in the second round. A huge under dog in the fight, Pettis was putting on a clinic in the first round. During the […]

Video: Dallas Man Does Icy Donuts In Mall Parking Lot

Who would have thought there would be ice in Texas toward the end of February? Well, in Texas, you never know, we may have ice in May. Someone in Dallas decided to have a little fun in the weather. Ignoring the warnings to stay home on Monday, unless necessary, one guy took his Mercedes SUV […]

Legacy Amateur Series August 12, 2011 Dallas Card

It’s about that time! I am stepping back in the cage. I’m excited about this. It’s been too long. Legacy Amateur Series is returning to Dallas, TX. This time “The Truth” will be making the trip with them. I have included the first draft of the card that was sent out. Like always, I’m pretty […]