Video: Dancing Ball Player Cripples Defender With Vicious Crossover

He probably sat on the court for a while. He knows he can never step on that court again because the ridicule will be epic. Check out this debilitating crossover that will scar this person for life. He literally danced on 'em. (via royaya/Instagram) — Bleacher Report (@BleacherReport) March 25, 2018 Danced on ’em!

Video: @BdotAdot5 Re-enacts the Assassination of Wesley Johnson By ‘The Beard’ James Harden

By now, the world has seen one of the most devastating crossover step-backs ever witnessed. NBA impersonator @BdotAdot5 re-enacted the play, and it’s an accurate portrayal of what I see when I watch the clip, which I’ve done dozens of times.

Video: James Harden Drops Wesley Johnson with a Step-back, Stares at him on The Floor, Proceeds to Hits 3

Currently the #1 team in the NBA, the Houston Rockets are ridding a 13-game winning streak, with their 14th win less than a quarter away. Arguably the league’s MVP James Harden, while being guarded by Wesley Johnson, hit one of the most disrespectful step-backs I’ve recent memory. While Johnson sat on his backside, Harden stared […]

Video: Co-Workers Play Office Basketball, Her Ankles get Destroyed

Will this be considered an on the job injury for Shay Shay? Her ankles were obliterated by her co-worker? Another thing, why is the lady trying to hoop on the office court in her stocking. She was asking for it. I’m a give y’all a better version of my moms coworker blending ankles 😂😂😂 AIL […]

Video: Young Hooper Puts His Nana On The Pavement With Crossover

NOOOO!!!! Not Nana! Instagram user Aidan21w post a video a while back that was recently submitted to a sports highlight channel, HouseOfHighlights. Young Aidan hits grandma with a simple crossover dribble that sends the senior citizen stumbling out of frame. It reminded me of those Life Alert commercials. According to Aidan, she is okay. View this post on […]