Audio: #GeorgeFloyd, Who Was Murdered By Former Cop Derek Chauvin, Worked with DJ Screw & the Screwed Up Click

It never gets easy seeing someone who looks like you, murdered at the hands of those who are supposed to protect us. George Floyd, a black man from Houston, residing in Minneapolis, MN, was murdered in broad daylight this past Monday at the hands of now former police officer Derek Chauvin. Three additional officers were […]

Neighbor Calls Cops on Black Man For Recite Jay-Z Lyrics After Eavesdropping on Conversation

I know what you’re thinking, there’s no way a nosy white person would call the cops on a black man because they were eavesdropping and heard him reciting lyrics to a song. Well, you would be wrong. According to TMZ, Davon Eddington was having a beer in his Spring Hill, Tenn., backyard, talking with his […]

Video: Man’s White Neighbor Calls Police 20 Times Making Fake Noise Complaints

That’s one persistent neighbor. Jevon Cofield has had the cops called on him 20 times┬ásince moving into his suburban Houston home 5 months ago. Cofield, who is black, says the police have been to his home 17 times over noise complaints from a white neighbor when he has family gatherings. The Harris County Precinct 3 […]

Video: Colin Kaepernick’s South Park Episode Promo

Easily my favorite show to watch, South Park’s 20th season kicks off this Wednesday night on Comedy┬áCentral. South Park is one of the only animated shows that takes real life events and portrays them in their episodes in such a short period of time. And with all of the Colin Kaepernick talk, you know Trey […]

Video: Cop Follows Black Man To His Home In Affluent Neighborhood

Maybe the deputy wanted to make sure this fine upstanding citizen, and his partner, made it inside the home safely; he was both protecting and serving. I have a problem with the deputy’s lack of respect for walking on the homeowner lawn. Regardless of who he believed to have been the home owner, shows some […]

Video: Delaware Police Officer Soccer Kicks Suspect

Maybe the officer thought he was in a Pride match, no? In all seriousness, what is wrong with these cops? All cops aren’t bad, but the ones being caught doing illegal acts are making it hard for the cops looking to protect the public. DOVER, DE — A police dashcam video shows a black suspect […]