Video: Ali Siddiq Comedy Central Half-Hour Special

It’s tough times right now, and we can all use a good laugh. And here comes Ali Siddiq. Comedy Central released a new half-hour special of Houston comedian Ali Siddiq. The 2019 Last Comic Standing finalist informed his fans on social media that Comedy Central would be releasing his special on Youtube, presumably ahead of […]

Video: Racist Trump Supporters Think Bill Clinton Had Sex With Magic Johnson

I was nearly bent over in laughter while watching this video. But then when you really think about it, this is scary. Jordan Klepper, a correspondent for The Daily Show, attended a Trump rally and asked several supports what they believe were truths of Hillary Clinton, Barack Obama, and Bill Clinton, that no one else apparently […]

Video: Colin Kaepernick’s South Park Episode Promo

Easily my favorite show to watch, South Park’s 20th season kicks off this Wednesday night on Comedy Central. South Park is one of the only animated shows that takes real life events and portrays them in their episodes in such a short period of time. And with all of the Colin Kaepernick talk, you know Trey […]

Every ‘Key & Peele’ Sketch Episode Now Free Online

I was late to the Key & Peele party, but I eventually showed up, and that’s what’s important. After watching several sketches from Keegan-Michael Key and Jordan Peele, I was very pleased with not only their comedy but also the messages the skits translated to its audience. The racial, political, and various other social issue undertones […]

Video: President Obama’s Anger Translator at Correspondents’ Dinner

This is by far the one of the best non-political thing any president has done, well, this does not include Slick Willy. If you’re not familiar with Key And Peele, check it out on Comedy Central. The show has a character called Luther, he plays the anger translator for President Obama; says the things that […]