Video: LaVar Ball Hijacks CNN For 23 Min, Detailing Why Trumpito Deserves No Thanks From Him

LaVar Ball on CNN is so 2017. Following his CNN hijack, he is now trending in the US on Twitter. LaVar Ball went on Chris Cuomo’s to discuss his son, LiAngelo Ball, getting arrested in China for shoplifting. This situation became politicized once our Reality TV Star-in-Chief, Donald Trump, jumped on Twitter to voice his displeasure […]

Video: CNN Anchor Say It’s Illegal To Possess Clinton Emails Released By Wikileaks

May we have a mulligan on this year’s election? According to CNN, a recent email hack of Hillary Clinton’s campaign chairman, John Podesta, has been released by WikiLeaks. Emails show Clinton commenting on Wall Street’s role in financial regulations, relations with Russian President Vladimir Putin and the damage done to US foreign policy by past […]

Video: Donald Trump & Hillary Clinton Debate Is Parodied With Dirty Dancing Song

The second debate between Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump was a mess, I don’t know how I sat through it all. It reminded me of an hour and a half long pro wrestling segment. The internet decided to sync of the lip movements from the Presidential candidates and the song ‘Time of my Life’ from Dirty Dancing. […]

Video: Black Guy Thrown Out Of Hillary Clinton Rally For Wearing Bill Clinton ‘Rape’ Shirt

Hillary Clinton held a rally today to discuss last night’s debate with Donald Trump. But more importantly, while discussing how Trump has insulted women, Latinos, and Blacks, a black man was thrown out of the rally for wearing a Bill Clinton ‘Rape’ shirt. Clinton then suggests that someone give the gentleman an intervention, insinuating that […]

Video: CNN Reporter Body Checked To The Ground Live On Air By Charlotte Protester

Another black man, killed by the police. Tuesday, as officers looked for another man they were looking to serve a warrant on, police came across Keith Lamont Scott. A father of seven, Scott was shot and killed by police as he sat in his car reading a book, waiting for his son to come home from school. […]