Video: Black Cardinal Refuses To Shake Donald Trump’s Hand Following Church Service

Whether you believe the alt-facts or not, Donald Trump is not popularĀ within the black community. Many believe he’s a racist, and even if he is not, his rhetoric incites hate towards black people. A tradition that apparently dates back to the nation’s first president, George Washington, Donald Trump and his wife Melania, as well as […]

Sri Lankan Christmas Service Accidentally Prints 2pac ‘Hail Mary’ Lyrics Instead of Catholic Prayer

Just when you think a Catholic Christmas service couldn’t get any better, you find out 2Pac is on the list of Hymns and prayers. A mix up at a Catholic Festival in the Sri Lankan capital of Colombo left thousands of people reading the words to Tupac Shakur’s “Hail Mary” instead of a 15th Century […]

Video: “Hoverboarding” Priest Suspended For Rolling Down The Aisle During Christmas Eve Mass

Either this church in the San Pablo Diocese of Manila has been lucrative, or priest get a nice discount on the hottest item for this season of gift giving (pun intended). MANILA, Phillippines – Viral video of a priest hoverboarding into Christmas Eve Mass has led to his temporary suspension. The video shows the congregation […]