Video: Full Video of Katt Williams’ Altercation With Kid

There are times when clips of videos don’t do entire situations justice, I would say that this is one of those instances. A couple of days ago, a video hit the internet that showed Katt Williams punching a kid in the face, then proceeded to get choked by that kid until bystanders separated the two. […]

UFC 196: Conor McGregor vs Nate Diaz, Main Event Recap

UFC 196 was supposed to be a defining victory in the career of firebrand Irish featherweight, Conor McGregor. According to the script, McGregor’s 170-pound opponent, Nate Diaz, was merely cannon fodder in the way of the Irishman’s quest to be first to conquer multiple UFC weight divisions. It wasn’t even meant to be Diaz’s fight […]

Nate Diaz Chokes Out Conor McGregor In The Second

Conor McGregor beat up Nate Diaz for about eight minutes. McGregor landed count left hands, opening his right eye up, body shots that seem to hurt and slow Diaz as well. In the second round, Diaz was able to land some hard shots flush to McGregor’s chin. McGregor seemed to wobble, then recover, but not for […]