Video: LaVar Ball Hijacks CNN For 23 Min, Detailing Why Trumpito Deserves No Thanks From Him

LaVar Ball on CNN is so 2017. Following his CNN hijack, he is now trending in the US on Twitter. LaVar Ball went on Chris Cuomo’s to discuss his son, LiAngelo Ball, getting arrested in China for shoplifting. This situation became politicized once our Reality TV Star-in-Chief, Donald Trump, jumped on Twitter to voice his displeasure […]

Donald Trump Trolled By Merriam-Webster For Believing China Stole US Navy Drone In “Unpresidented” Act

I can neither confirm nor deny China’s involvement in stealing a US Navy drone in International waters, then taking it back to China in an UNPRECEDENTED act; I don’t have enough intel on the situation. What I can confirm, Merriam-Webster’s social media manager is a savage. With Donald Trump becoming the president-elect, you would hope […]