Video: Lil Rel Howery Discusses His Role As ‘T.S.A Agent Rod Williams’ In “Get Out” & Bulls Basketball

If you haven’t seen “Get Out” yet, take time out to do so. Without giving any spoilers away, Lil Rel Howery’s character ‘TSA Agent Rod Williams’ plays a large role in the story’s plot; he’s also my favorite character in the movie. Lil Rel joined ESPN’s Michael Smith and Jemele Hill on ESPN’s “The Six”, […]

Video: Dwight Howard Tells Reporter “Our D was good tonight”

I personally am not a fan of Dwight Howard, he’s basically a 10-year-old in an athletic grown man’s body. But, from time to time, Howard gives you gems. Wednesday night, the Atlanta Hawks beat the Chicago Bulls 119-114. During a postgame interview with reporter Olivia Harlan, Howard said, “Our D was good tonight.” Teammate, Dennis […]

Video: @BdotAdot5 Drops Jordan Impersonation

NBA impersonator @BdotAdot5, has been getting his fans ready for the release of his Michael Jordan impersonation video for a couple of weeks, and it’s finally here. B.A. recreates some of Michael Jordan’s most memorable moments, tongue and all, in his latest video.

Video: Kanye West Smiling At NBA Playoffs

I’ve been a fan of Kanye’s music since he came on the scene, and so was a lot of other people. As of late, though, many people don’t seem to like Kanye as much. After some life changing events, Kanye himself, seems to have crossed over to the darkside. I have always felt Kanye was trolling […]

Video: Derrick Rose “I’m built for this sh*t”

After a huge three pointer to get the game 3 victory, Derrick Rose tells reporters he’s “built for this shit.” — Hank (@DeionGottaSTFU) May 9, 2015 Game Winning Shot Ok sorry better quality here. Bulls Win Bulls Win — Bill Wennington (@34billy42) May 9, 2015