Betting Odds Released on if Conor McGregor Will Go to Prison, and be Released From UFC Contract, in 2018

  Are you a betting man? If so, you can win some money depending on how this Conor McGregor #UFC223 media day melee concludes. By now, we’ve all heard about Conor McGregor attacking Khabib’s bus prior to the UFC 223 media day. Well, the bookies are looking to get in on the action, pun intended. […]

Video: Draymond Green and Bradley Beal Get Into a Tussle During Wizards vs Warriors Game

I have no idea what start the skirmish, but it looked as is Bradley Beal was clinching on to Draymond Green for dear life. Both players were ejected. Check out the incident below Here's the full fight between Beal & Draymond — Logan Murdock (@loganmmurdock) October 28, 2017 UPDATE: It looks as if Beal initiated […]

Video: Kevin Lee & Michael Chiesa Engage In Fisticuffs Over Mom Comment At Summer Kickoff Presser

Well, if you talk about someone’s mom, expect a professional fighter to want to punch you in the mouth. At the UFC Summer Kickoff presser in Dallas, TX, Kevi.n Lee and Michael Chiesa were exchanging words, then Kevin Lee brought Chiesa’s mom into the mix. A few more words were exchanged, then Chiesa charges Lee. […]

Video: Juan Manuel Lopez KO’s Wilfredo Vazquez Then Brawls With Trainer

Last night, Juan Manuel Lopez took on former WBO super bantamweight champ Wilfredo Vazquez Jr. in Puerto Rico. Lopez was able to get the stoppage late in the 12th round after hurting Vazquez, then jumping on him with a flurry of punches. After the stoppage, Lopez charged Vazquez’ corner where his trainer was climbing into […]

Video: LSU Fan Gets Knocked Out & Beer Poured on Him While Brawling With Other Thugs

Living the thug life can be hard sometimes, and one LSU fan found that out, once he woke up from a nap. During a tailgate this past weekend at the LSU game against Mississippi State, a brawl broke out between fans, and bodies and beer were flying. Jersey Wearing LSU Thug (wearing #10 jersey) dropped […]

Video: Brawl Breaks Out During Kids Kung Fu Tournament

Everybody was Kung Fu Fighting Those kids were fast as lightning In fact, it was a little bit frightening But they fought with expert timing Whenever I hear the word “Kung Fu”, I think of the Carl Douglas song. Per BSO, Bloody Elbow provided some details. What started with two youngsters competing in Kung Fu, […]