Video: Donald Trump & Hillary Clinton Debate Is Parodied With Dirty Dancing Song

The second debate between Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump was a mess, I don’t know how I sat through it all. It reminded me of an hour and a half long pro wrestling segment. The internet decided to sync of the lip movements from the Presidential candidates and the song ‘Time of my Life’ from Dirty Dancing. […]

Video: Black Guy Thrown Out Of Hillary Clinton Rally For Wearing Bill Clinton ‘Rape’ Shirt

Hillary Clinton held a rally today to discuss last night’s debate with Donald Trump. But more importantly, while discussing how Trump has insulted women, Latinos, and Blacks, a black man was thrown out of the rally for wearing a Bill Clinton ‘Rape’ shirt. Clinton then suggests that someone give the gentleman an intervention, insinuating that […]

Video: Racist Trump Supporters Think Bill Clinton Had Sex With Magic Johnson

I was nearly bent over in laughter while watching this video. But then when you really think about it, this is scary. Jordan Klepper, a correspondent for The Daily Show, attended a Trump rally and asked several supports what they believe were truths of Hillary Clinton, Barack Obama, and Bill Clinton, that no one else apparently […]