Video: Tyrese Post #MannequinChallenge Video Depicting Police Violence Against Blacks

The first mannequin challenge video I saw was well done; I was unaware of this new internet phenomenon. The mannequin challenge is when someone stands motionless in a position, typically depicting some sort of scene. The are people who gather large groups of people to help with the scene. Tyrese posted to his Instagram a mannequin challenge video which depicts […]

Video: Female Police Officer Points Rifle At Unarmed Protesters, BLM Leader Arrested

After a sniper opened fire on police in Dallas, TX at the rallies over the executions of Alton Sterling and Philando Castile by police, the tensions between the police and the citizens is at a feverish high. Tonight in Baton Rouge, LA, where Alton Sterling was killed, another protest took place. The tension is extremely […]

Video: Mark Hughes Says Cops Lied & Said They Had Him on Camera Shooting

This entire week has been a tragedy, from black men being killed by cops, to snipers killing cops. In light of all of this, it’s good to see that Mark Hughes was not another victim. During the peaceful police shooting protest in Dallas, Hughes was peacefully and lawfully walking around with an unloaded assault rifle; Texas […]

[UPDATE] Video: Five Dallas Police Officers Killed After Peaceful Protest

This is not what needs to happen right now. After the tragic deaths of two black men, Alton Sterling and Philandro Castile, at the hands of the police, there have been several protests around the country against police shooting. In what was supposed to be a peaceful protest in Dallas, TX, toward the end of the rally, […]

Video: Girlfriend of #PhilandoCastile Released From Police Custody & Gives Details of Shooting

With another senseless shooting by the police of a black man, there is another child growing up without a father. Philando Castile and his family were allegedly pulled over for a broken taillight. Castile had a CHL which allowed him to carry a gun. While reaching for his license, the police officer shot him four times […]

Video: Black Female Police Officer With Powerful Message To White Cops

The number of blacks killed by police in 2016 alone is more than 500+. With everything going on in this country, it doesn’t feel real to me, it feels like we’re living in the Twilight Zone. It feels like there are cops out here hunting black men for sport. Nakia Jones is a black female police […]

Video: Another Black Man Killed By Cops, This Time While Reaching For His License

Just days after Alton Sterling was executed by police, another black man has been shot by the police; no word on if he will survived or not. Diamond Reynolds, the girlfriend of the victim, and their daughter, were pulled over for an alleged broken tail light. According to Reynolds, the victim has a concealed permit and was asked to […]