Photo: Black Child Looks Disappointed To Be Wearing Racist H&M ‘Coolest Monkey In The Jungle’ Hoodie

Where is this child’s parents? Who thought it was okay for a young black boy to wear an article of clothing calling himself a monkey? If you’re not black, you may not be aware of the association of blacks and primates, but the racist history runs deep in our culture. Fashion brand H&M decided to […]

Video: Ronda Rousey’s Mom Says That Ronda is Technically Black

There’s the one drop rule that states if you have at least one ancestor of sub-Saharan-African ancestry, one drop of black blood, then you’re black. Well, AnnMaria De Mars, Ronda’s mother, stated recently that Ronda’s great-grandfather was “one of the first black physicians in North America.” His name is Dr. Alfred Waddell, and he was known […]

Video: Rachel Dolezal’s Interview On The Today Show

The only reason this should even be considered news, is because of her position at the NAACP. If this was a random chick, no one would care. With that being said, if this lady wants to call herself black, identify with being black, then so what. She’s obviously contributed positively in the black community; it’s […]