Photo: ABC News Praises Donald Trump On Twitter, Then Deletes Tweet

During the early morning hours, ABC News’ Twitter account was taken over by either Donald Trump or one of his minions. The account sent out a tweet which declared the president as the “lord and savior”, and hashtagged “#thankgodforTHEDONALD”. The tweet was deleted minutes after being posted. It’s funny how they didn’t capitalize the “g” in […]

Video: Kids Playing is Sewage Water After Houston Floods

This is still one of my favorite Photoshops I’ve done. View this post on Instagram A post shared by Mike Jackson (@thetruthjackson) For some reason, people, mainly kids, still think that leisurely swinging in sewage water is a good idea, it’s not. Parents need to teach their children that this is not a good idea. With […]

Video: Bill Cosby Finally Speaks Out On Allegations, Sort Of

By now, you’ve heard about the allegations on Bill Cosby sexually harassing women in the past. It originally started as a joke from comedian Hannibal Buress, then all of a sudden women started to come out and say what he did to them. Cosby was interviewed once since the allegations came out and asked not […]