Video: Trump Supporting Thugs Attack Code Pink Activist at RNC For Holding ‘No Hate’ Sign

What’s a Trump gathering without someone getting tossed out? At the 2016 Republican National Convention, the now Republican Presidential nominee, Donald Trump, was yet again, met with protesters. Members of the anti-war group ‘Code Pink’ infiltrated the RNC and had a simple message, ‘No Hate’ & ‘No Racism’. Before the activists were escorted out of the […]

Video: Dana White Speaks At Republican National Convention On Behalf of Donald Trump

Dana White spoke at the Republican National Convention on behalf of his long-time friend Donald Trump. White has always stated that he’s not a “political guy”. Instead of talking about politics, he spoke about their friendship and how Trump assisted with the early stages of building the UFC. White ended with this message for the […]

Video: Donald Trump’s Undertaker Themed Entrance at Republican National Convention

The world had been talking about the Republican National Convention, but not because of anything the presumptive Republic nominee said, but because of his wife’s speech. Melania Trump spoke to the crowd at the RNC in Cleveland, but her words sounded familiar. Trump plagiarized a majority of her speech, which was taken from Michelle Obama’s […]

Video: Melania Trump Plagiarized Michelle Obama’s Speech For The 2016 Republican National Convention

The Republican National Convention in Cleveland was lackluster at best. A bunch of former celebrities coming out to speak on Donald Trump’s behalf, not much to see. The focus has been placed on Trump’s wife, Melania, and the speech she gave. There was a section in her speech that was, for the most part, verbatim of the speech […]