Video: Robbie Tolan Sits With Isiah Carey To Discuss Racial Profiling and His #NoJusticeBook

In 2008, Robbie Tolan was racially profiled by a Bellaire police officer, and was shot in front of his home while his parents watched in horror. The officer was cleared of all criminal charges, but Tolan and his family brought a civil case to the Supreme Court which ruled in his favor. Robbie Tolan sat […]

Photo: Sammy Sosa Out With Lady Friend Looking Like a Vampire

Sammy Sosa is gone. I don’t know what this is, but I hope we can figure out why and how Sammy Sosa went from a dark-skinned man to, a cream-colored fellow. He looks like a vampire in Chicago. Sammy Sosa gone man. Look at his eyes 😔 — 73-9 and they LIED (@CuffsTheLegend) November […]

Video: Carlos Correa Proposes To Girlfriend Following Astros World Series Win

It was a fairy tale ending for Carlos Correra. His team won the world series, then follow it up with him proposing to his lady on TV. One of the best #WorldSeries endings ever — Jasmine (@JasmineLWatkins) November 2, 2017 Tear.  

Video: Final Out as the Houston Astros Win Their First World Series

I’ll admit, this was the most baseball I’ve watched in a long time. It was one of the greatest World Series I’ve ever had the pleasure of watching. With a slew of records broken during the 2017 World Series, the Astros came together with beautiful plays on both sides of the ball. Check out the […]

Photo: Astros’ Carlos Correa Splash Water on Ken Jeong as he Carried Dodgers Flag Before Game 7

Stylistically, trolling may backfire on you. Comedian and actor Ken Jeong, decided to take part in carrying the LA Dodgers’ flag across the Astros’ dugout. Carlos Correa decided to counter-troll Jeong, and threw water on the Dodgers fan. Jeong took it all in stride and laughed it off. View this post on Instagram 😬😬😬 A […]

Video: Houston Astros Pay Homage To DJ Screw With Jose Altuve June 27 Video

June 27 is a Houston holiday and should be treated as such. DJ Screw gave us the freestyle with the same name, and is arguably the most famous freestyle to come out of the city; it’s more than 35 minutes long. The song features, Big Moe, Key-C, Yungstar, Big Pokey, DeMo, Haircut Joe and Kay-Luv. The […]

Video: Michael Rapaport Compares Conor McGregor Boxing Floyd Mayweather To Michael Jordan Playing Baseball

This may be the best analogy ever used when describing a boxing match between Conor McGregor and Floyd Mayweather Jr. Actor and sports fan, Michael Rapaport, was on Skip and Shannon Undisputed recently and was asked about McGregor boxing Mayweather. Being a fan of boxing, Rapaport is a fan of this move and feels it […]