Florida Mom Shows Up To School Wearing Art Jemmerson Boxing Glove To Fight Student

No one can tell me Edith Riddle isn’t a hardcore UFC fan. She was the little girl sitting in front of the TV, watching Art Jemmerson take on Royce Gracie at UFC 1 with that one boxing glove on.

Okay, maybe Edith is just a ‘Florida Woman’ who thought she could beat up some middle schoolers with one glove, I don’t know.

Edith Riddle, 34, of Jacksonville, was arrested on a child abuse charge stemming from the alleged beatdown last week at Dupont Middle School, news station KVUE reported.

Police said that school safety officer had heard a “frantic” announcement over the school’s radio system about a fight outside the cafeteria around noon on March 18.

When the officer got there, he found Riddle in a physical altercation with a female student.

Riddle had been on campus for a meeting with the vice-principal and her daughter, cops said.

Rather than exit the building, the daughter made a beeline after for the cafeteria to fight a girl, police said.

Witnesses told police Riddle’s daughter shoved the girl and threw some punches — before the mom also allegedly began walloping the victim. 

Bizarrely, a bystander told authorities the mom appeared to have a boxing glove attached to her left hand.

Riddle already had the glove on when she arrived to campus — insisting that it was super glued to her wrist and she couldn’t remove it, according to KVUE.

The girl suffered bruises to her knees and forearms, authorities said. She was later brought to the hospital for a follow-up evaluation.

Her parents told authorities that they wanted criminal charges filed against Riddle.


Shorty super glued the glove to her wrist. She was committed to that walloping.

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