Submission Hunter Pro 49 Grappling Card (Sept. 21, 2019) – Memphis, TN

Submission Hunter Pro returns to Memphis, TN on Saturday, September 21 for SHP 49. The event takes place at the Agricenter International, and will feature some of the best grapplers from the area.

Check out the full card below. Support grapplers by purchasing your event tickets here at Grapplers receive a portion of sales from my site.

Grappling Card (Subject to Change):

Blue Belt

Neil Howe vs Jay Black

Bobby Wyatt vs Ken Lee Ing

William Gill vs Bradley Daigneault

Rachel Garcia vs Hannah Smith

Chase Griffin vs Benjamin Clark

Casey Cox vs Amaechi Oselukwue

Dinh Bates vs Keith Dowell

Purple Belt

Daniel Baumlien vs Frank Middleton

Braeden Anthony vs Will Beard

Melody McGill vs Christian Gibbs

Stephen Carlisle vs Harry Johnson

Justin Duncan vs Kevin Mills

Peter Yu vs Joshua Parra

Braeden Anthony vs Ben Parrish

Brown Belt

Phillip Venceil vs Jeff Cochran

Marlon Jefferson vs Clint Clark

Brad Phillips vs Jamie Houston

Taylor Bright vs Ricky Pike

Michael Laborde vs Seth Chatham

Black Belt

Cassie Herrera vs Christy Cook

Anthony Mitchell vs Zach Lee

Tre Herrera vs Carlos Silva

Mitchell Hall vs Eric Ingram

Jonny Wester vs Jeremy Miller

Luis Rubalcava vs Mark Miller

Jonathan Burdine vs Jared Chaffee


Kayla Weinbech vs Mona Bailey

Lawson Brines vs Dominic Bailey

Caden Pipes vs Billie Merreighn

Ethan Burmingham vs Dominic Bailey

Landon Ward vs Mykael Quesnel


Eric Hamilton vs Ryder Britt

Meleke Burdine vs Reid Jones

Nathaniel Hart vs Ryder Britt

Kaden Smith vs Ryder Sisson

Noah Hart vs Levi Johnson

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