Submission Hunter Pro 47 (Jul 26, 2019) – Humble, TX

Submission Hunter Pro returns to the Humble Civic Center on July 26 for SHP 47.

The submission only grappling show will feature top grapplers from the area, as well as several title fights. UFC veteran Roger Narvaez is scheduled to defend his 200lb Black Belt Gi title against Gracie Barra Westchase’s Inacio Neto.

Check out the complete grappling card below. You can purchase your event tickets here at Grapplers receive a portion of their ticket sales from

Grappling Card (Subject to Change):

Blue Belt

Alan Arjon (Ravlin Martial Arts) vs Erik Smith (The Darkside)

Chris Seydler (GB Pearland) vs Stephen Penilla (The Empire JJ)

Adam Soto (GB Pearland) vs Roland Davila (Silverback BJJ/Team Ed Ramos)

Anthony Narvaez (Narvaez BJJ) vs Mike Stillwell (The Darkside)

Aaron Gonzalez (Narvaez BJJ) vs Zach Lowery (The Darkside)

Tony Nguyen (Bam Bam/Rillion Gracie) vs Curry Gaut (Team Rivas)

Victor Seabra (GB Pearland) vs Nate Fay (Carlson Gracie)

David Nguyen (Rillion Gracie) vs Austin Johnson (ACS MMA)

Taylor Hickman (GB Woodlands) vs Johnny Mayorga (The Empire JJ)

Purple Belt

Steven Alderson (No Limit JJ) vs Ricky Peoples (The DarkSide)

Michael Hulick (The Darkside) vs Kaleb Kopesky (Team Tooke)

Gutter Allen (Silverback JJ/Team Ed Ramos) vs Josh Wagner (Team Rivas)

Alex Torres (GB Woodlands) vs Corey Mcnutt (Team Rivas)

Cody Owens (Team Tooke/Torres) vs Travis Canik (BJJ Revolution)

Daniel Brown (Silverback BJJ/Team Ed Ramos) vs Dustin Webb (Team Rivas)

Marat Turlykebov (The DarkSide) vs Lonnie Vickery (10th Planet)

Priscilla Herrera (10th Planet ATX) vs Kayla Deleon (BJJ Revolution)

Ben Parker (GB Westchase) vs Anthony Fitzgerald (Alliance)

Brown Belt

145 Title – Cristian Guzman (GB TX) vs Randy Baker (The DarkSide)

Pedro Marinho (GB Westchase) vs Mike Torres (Team Torres/Tooke)

Jacob Harris (10th Planet ATX) vs TBA

Orin Nova (5 Points JJ) vs David Acosta (Renzo Gracie/DarkSide)

Juliana Lima (GB) vs Cassie Herrera

Black Belt

200 Gi Title – Inacio Neto (GB WestChase) vs Roger Narvaez (Narvaez BJJ)

Evan Gideon (GFT) vs CJ Hancock (GB Westchase)

Randy Villarreal (Genesis JJ) vs Corey Bacak (Carlson Gracie)

Curtis Hembroff (10th Planet ATX) vs Todd Moore (Team Tooke)

Robert Lee (Carlson Gracie) vs Tre Herrera

Reed Shelger (Paradigm/GFT) vs Travis Moore (Johns Gym)

Thomas Mancha (Paradigm/GFT) vs Jeff Messina (BJJ Revolution)

Joshua Sharpless (GB Mcallen) vs Daniel Rivas (Team Rivas)

David Cruz (O Athletik/Cobrinha BJJ) vs Hunter Newton (GB Westchase)

Jesse Palmer (SoulFighters) vs Jared Chaffee (Carlson Gracie)

Angelus McFarlane (Ravlin Martial Arts) vs Andy Yount (Gracie Humaita)

Lin Hughs (Sinister) vs Kurt Zettlemoyer (GB Champions)


Aubree Jones (Virtues JJ) vs Kamya Gaines (Gracie Humaita)

Roman Martinez (Team Blue Jitsu) vs Dorian Olivarez (W4R)

Devin Davila (Silverback JJ) vs Marko Vasquez (Team Tooke)

Dominic Bailey (Carlson Gracie) vs William Cheney (Team Ed Ramos)


70 Title – Jacob Chevez (The DarkSide) vs Moses Cabrera (Ohana)

90 Title – Eli Esquivel (The DarkSide) vs Sergio Guajaro (10th Planet)

Zane Magnan (Ohana) vs Max Ortiz (Elite MMA)

Austin Heinz (Precision JJ) vs Brody Banks (Renzo Gracie)

Zane Magnan (Ohana) vs Ryan Wartenbach (Elite MMA)

Michael Ortega (Ohana) vs Sebastian Gomez (Elite MMA)

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