Photo: Greg Hardy Is Down To Fight Shawne Merriman If The Opportunity Arises

I remember when football players would cross-train at MMA gyms during the off-season to get a different type of workout. Now, former NFL players are crossing over into competition.

Shawn Merriman, former all-pro football player, is crossing over into combat sports as he’s set to compete for World Bare Knuckle Fighting Federation on Nov. 9, against Mike Bourke. While speaking with TMZ, the questions was asked if he’d be willing to fight Greg Hardy, another former all-pro player. Merriman, hoping for a successful debut with the bare-knuckle league, said he’d be up for it.

Greg Hardy took a moment to respond via his Instagram.

Greg Hard is undefeated in MMA as both an amateur and pro. He’s 2-0 as a pro, and currently has a UFC developmental deal.

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