Submission Hunter Pro 20 Grappling Card (Dec. 2, 2017) – Oklahoma City, OK

Submission Hunter Pro series heads to Oklahoma City, OK for Submission Hunter Pro 20. The event takes place on Dec. 2 at the COX Convention Center. Notable names on the card, UFC and LFA vet Robert “Ninja” Roberts, TUF alum and former Legacy FC light-heavyweight champion Myron Dennis, and LFA & Glory kickboxing vet, Demoreo Dennis.

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Grappling Card (Subject to Change):
Blue Belt

175 – Jared Hoag (JJ Academy of Stillwater) vs Tommy Schultz (Sandro Sampaio Academy/Conquer BJJ)

HVY – Demoreo Dennis (AMA) vs Steven Young (Clinch M.A.)

170 – Tre Parks (R-1 MMA) vs Charles Mills (Hurricane Training Center)

145 – Nathan Trepagnier (Academy Of Martial Arts) vs Danny Hernandez (JJ Academy of Stillwater)

185 Gi – Tanner Hickey (Academy Of Martial Arts) vs Kevin Rayford (Sandro Sampaio/Conquer BJJ)

195 Gi – Danny Bull II (National Martial Arts) vs AJ Nichols (JJ Academy of Stillwater)

160 – JR Coughran (R-1 MMA) vs Stephen Swan (Clinch M.A.)

165 – Fabian Ford (Oklahoma M.A.) vs Connor Dibler (Triton Fight Center)

155 Gi – Anissa Scott (AMA) vs Anna McMurrey (Vargas BJJ)

145 – April Glisson (Clinch M.A.) vs Angelia Cooper (Ryan BJJ)

220 Gi – Jason Lum (Oklahoma M.A.) vs Jeremy Veley (Takedown JJ/Clinch M.A.)

Purple Belt

185 – Ben Caudle (Soul Fighters) vs Kris Vereen (Sandro Sampaio/Conquer BJJ)

175 Gi – Mark Jones (The Forge BJJ) vs Wade Smittle (Prodigy Jiu-Jitsu)

195 Gi – John Hatfield (National M.A.) vs Tyler Murrah (The Forge BJJ)

220 – Andrew Todhunter vs TBA

155 – Florencio Valadez (AMA) vs Todd Walling (Triton Fight Center)

165 – Sean Speer (Catalyst BJJ) vs Justin DeAngelis (American Elite)

150 – Jordan Langston (Triton) vs Jerrod Sanders (R-1 MMA)

135 – Trevor Polhamus (Catalyst BJJ) vs Brock Kennedy (Triton/Brothers JJ)

170 – David Hulsey (Corvo M.A.) vs Jared Mcloughlin (Clinch MMA)

170 Gi – Aaron Wall (Solid MMA/Cobra BJJ) vs Marshall Troy (National M.A.)

Brown Belt

145 – Taveres Collins (AMA) vs Jams Partridge (Triton)

185 – TBA vs Hunter Colvin (Triton Fight Center)

155 – Santos Vargas (AMA) vs Dylan Scott (Clinch M.A.)

145 – Jose Loera (Team Clinch) vs TBA

185 Gi – Kevin Williams (American Elite) vs Miguel Leal (JJ Academy of Stillwater)

Black Belts

185 – Igor Paiva (Soul Fighters) vs Daniel Roberts (HTC 918)

185 – Randell Kennedy (Soul Fighters) vs Jeff Lindsey (AMA/OWA)


140 Gi – Joshua Hahm (Mohler MMA) vs Alexander Contreras (AMA)

140 – Billie Merreighn (McVickers) vs Blaice Prescott (RP BJJ)


95 – Dayton Hooker (American Elite) vs Chase Vaughn (Primate/Clinch)

90 – Brayden Wolfe (Soul Fighters) vs JJ Lopez (Prodigy JJ)

105 – Talia Parades (10th Planet) vs D’aja Jones (Cobra BJJ)

135 – Caden Pipes (GFT Arkansas) vs Derrik Short (All-American MMA)

95 – Hudson Chandler (Warrior Martial Arts) vs Rixon Story (Carlson Gracie)

90 – Raegan Guinn (Warrior Martial Arts) vs Mackenzie Foster (Sandro Sampaio BJJ)

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