Garcia Promotions’ Super Fights 2 Recap + Gallery

Garcia Promotions hosted their second Grappling Super Fights event Friday night, boasting a stacked card of 36 matches.

There was plenty of action to be seen from the get go with the kids division, all four matches ending by way of submission. It’s inspiring to see young athletes take the stage and astonishing to see what they learn and can accomplish. Perhaps one of the most shocking matches occurred when returning GPSF competitor Eddie Pugachov, at first glance, caused his opponent, Nate Suarez, to pass out via triangle choke. Suarez regained consciousness and was able to walk away with little assistance, and received quite a bit of encouragement for fighting till he could no longer continue. Suarez’s father stated ‘Nasty Nate’ suffered a panic attack, and that was the reason for him passing out.

Other returning competitors, like Streamline coach and black belt Dean Zaino, and Team Tooke’s Chris Wilemon, also found their way to submission victories to continue their streaks with GPSF.

The draw of sub-only style events is that the athletes are expected to push the pace given they only have seven minutes (five minutes for kids and teens) to secure a win. Often times, this means the audience anticipates daring submission attempts and escapes. The match between Jose Martinez and Cameron Graves was one such example. Graves pushed the pace early on, controlling positions and furiously hunting for a submission, but was edged out by the clock and Martinez’ defense.

Despite a late night, the event was another success and the future looks promising. Garcia Promotions will be hosting Fury FC 11 on June 17, and GP Super Fights 3 on July 29. Below are the results and a link to the photo gallery.

Photo Gallery

Adult Black Belts

Patrick Miller vs Marcelo Uirapuru [Draw]

Jason Soliz def. Jared Chaffe [Heel hook]

Dean Zaino def. Eddie Wittern [Toe Hold]

Brian Marvin vs Reed Shelger [Draw]

Daniel Pineda vs Spencer Gilliam [Draw]

Jonathan Cole vs Joseph Carroll [Draw]

Justin Ordinario vs Washington Luis [Draw]

Adult Brown Belts

Terrance Ferguson vs Daniel Anderson [Draw]

Sean Michael vs Adam Copley [Draw]

Adrian Vera vs Chris Martinez [Draw]

Reshal Malik vs Jacob Allphin [Draw]

Jose Martinez vs Cameron Graves [Draw]

Adult Purple Belts

Maddie Brennan def. Cassie Herrera [Kimura]

Skylar McMellian vs Jason Harrington [Draw]

Jake Heffernan vs Chris Farias [Draw]

Joel Heinen vs Casey Williams [Draw]

Ki Martin def. Jordan Barrett [Toehold]

Ryan Connelly def. Anthony Williams [Triangle Choke]

Andrew Kimler def. Kevin McGriff [Triangle Choke]

Joseph McCamish vs Chance Norman [Draw]

Jesus Rivera vs Harry Montecinos [Draw]

Adult Blue Belt

Darryl Lebus def. Abel Salazar [Rear-Naked Choke]

Christian Bernal def. Nate Garza [Kimura]

Gustavo Gomez vs Luke Crawford [Draw]

Amber Shoech vs Hosanna Rull [Draw]

Samuel Vasquez vs Ryan Escobar [Armbar]

Aiden Wright  def. Rambo San Lucas [Rear-Naked Choke]


Lucas Brennan def. Cole Yanez [Rear-Naked Choke]

Ian Swain def. Anthony Martinez [Triangle Choke]

Izzy Ramirez vs Tyler Brennan [Draw]

Micah White def. John Abney [Head and Arm Choke]

Mona Bailey vs Kristen McCusker [Draw]


Chris Wilemon def. Keagan  Chanfler [Armbar]

Eddie Pugachov def. Nate Suarez [Triangle Choke]

Tyler Chi def. Diego Trevino [Rear-Naked Choke]

John Pineda Jr. def. Jack Coats [Triangle Choke]

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