Video: Conor McGregor and Gunnar Nelson Sparring In Iceland

It reported earlier this week that Conor McGregor was pulled from the UFC 200 card because he didn’t want to fulfill media obligations here in the states for his UFC 200 rematch with Nate Diaz. McGregor said he’s basically tired of doing the promoting, and wanted to simply concentrate on fighting this time around.

No word as of yet what the future holds for McGregor. But here are some highlights from a recent sparring session with UFC welterweight, Gunnar Nelson, in Iceland.


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  • that mc desperatly needs to start learning stand up elbows the way the thai deployee them.

    slash or k.o. elbow across nat diaz`s will stop a fight on a blood stoppage !!

    slice and dice the stockton retard – the referee will be there.

    muay thai elbows are a true work of art unknown to mma heads .

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