Garcia Promotions Grappling Super Fights 2 Card (May 20, 2016)

After a successful first event, Garcia Promotions returns for their second Super Fights card. Returning to the Humble Civic Center on May 20, GP Super Fights will feature a lot of Houston’s top grapplers, from blue to black belts, as well as kids and teens.

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Grappling Card (Subject to Change):

Adult Black Belt

205 – Patrick Miller vs Marcelo Uirapuru (GB Texas)

170 – Jared Chaffe (GB Magnolia) vs Jason Soliz (TX 3rd coast)

Adult Brown Belt

190 – Terrance Ferguson (GB Champions) vs Daniel Anderson (Elite)

170 – Sean Michael (4oz) vs Adam Copley (North Side)

200 – Adrian Vera (GB Magnolia) vs Chris Martinez (Midtown/Team Tooke)

145 – Reshal Malik (Zion) vs Jacob Allphin (Davis)

155 – Jose Martinez (GB Magnolia) vs Cameron Graves (Team Tooke)


(Black Belt) HVY – Eddie Wittern vs Dean Zaino (Streamline)

Adult Purple Belt

125 – Cassie Herrera (Ground Dwellers) vs Maddie Brennan (Next Generation)

165 – Skylar McMellian (GB Katy) vs Jason Harrington (Next Generation)

155 – Jake Heffernan (GB Woodlands) vs Chris Farias (Midtown)

170 – Joel Heinen (GB Woodlands) vs Casey Williams

230 – Jordan Barrett (GB Katy) vs Ki Martin (Bam Bam)

180 – Ryan Connelly (4oz) vs Anthony Williams (BVMMA)

HVY – Andrew Kimler (TPC) vs Kevin McGriff (Streamline)

170 – Joseph McCamish (4oz) vs Chance Norman (Gracie Humaita)

170 – Jesus Rivera (4oz) vs Harry Montecinos (Dark side)


(Black Belt) 200 – Brian Marvin (GB Sugar land) vs Reed Shegler (Paradigm)

Adult Blue Belt

130 – Abel Salazar (4oz) vs Darryl Lebus (Team Tooke)

150 – Christian Bernal (Zion) vs Nate Garza (Streamline)

170 – Gustavo Gomez (GB Champions) vs Luke Crawford (Northside)

120 – Amber Schoech (Ground Dwellers) vs Hosanna Rull (Team Tooke)

150 – Samuel Vasquez (Gracie Humaita) vs Ryan Escobar (Revolution)

155 – Aiden Wright (Elite MMA) vs Rambo San Lucas (Streamline)


(Black Belt) 160 – Daniel Pineda (4oz) vs Spenser Gilliam

(Black Belt) 180 – Jonathan Cole (Paradigm) vs Joseph Carroll (Revolution)


15yrs – 145 – Cole Yanez (TX 3rd Coast) vs Lucas Brennan (Next Generation)

14yrs – 135 – Ian Swain (10th Planet) vs Anthony Martinez (Team Tooke)

105 – Izzy Ramirez (Pablo Silva/Solis Martial Arts Club) vs Tyler Brennan (Next Generation)

13yrs – 95 – John Abney (Revolution) vs Micah White (Rise MMA) (Orange)

100 – Mona Bailey (GB Champions) (Orange) vs Kirsten McCusker (Next Generation)


(Black Belt) 130 – Justin Ordinario (Davis) vs Washington Luis (Paradigm)


65 – Keagan Chandler (GB Woodlands) (Yellow) vs Chris Wilemon (Team Tooke)

70 – Nate Suarez (FCFA) (Yellow) vs Eddie Pugachov (Team Tooke)

8yrs – 60 – Tyler Chi (GB Woodlands) vs Diego Trevino (Streamline)

60 – John Pineda Jr. (GB Katy) vs Jack Coats (Athletic Performance Lab) (Grey)

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