UPDATED Muay Thai Kingdom 5 Fight Card (Aug. 29, 2015)

Muay Thai Kingdom and Muay Thai Alliance of Texas brings a junior and adult muay thai expo to Houston. Muay Thai Kingdom 5 will be held August 29 at The Zone, and it will be considered two shows in one. These bouts will be IFMA Style Muay Thai, and will have morning of weigh-ins.

UPDATED 8-26-15: Updated Fight Card

Fight Card (Subject to Change):

Senior International Expo

Leslie Hildreth, 130 (Team Tooke) vs. Valerie Sanchez, 130

Senior State Expo

Tyler Flores, 185 (GB The Woodlands) vs. Cesar Sitkayan, 185 (MTI-Texas)

Efrain Mejia, 170 (Team Tooke) vs. Luis Martinez

Jason Sitkayan (MTI-Texas) vs. Alex Bounnakhom (Houston Muay Thai)

Walter SitKayan vs. Zack Stetson

Benito Arriaga, 140 (King’s MMA) vs. Carlos J. Garza, 140 (Sit Siam)

Andrew Sitkayan, 130 (MTI-Texas) vs. Bob Mozisek, 133 (Saekson Janjira)

Junior State Expo

Anthony Lackett 165 (Gracie Barra Woodlands) vs. Zach D. Irwin 165 (Houston Muay Thai)

Cree Sitkayan, 140 (MTI-Texas) vs. Ed Rodriguez, 140 (Muay Thai Corner)

Josh Martinez vs. Ignacio Garcia 120 (Gracie Barra Woodlands)

Cristian Valdes 93 (Houston Muay Thai) vs. Raymond Allen 95 (King’s MMA)

Nathan Villa 75 (Gracie Barra Woodlands) vs. Zen Zamora 65 (King’s MMA)

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