Adrian Yanez: “I don’t think he’s ready for a fighter like me.”

After an impressive undefeated amateur career, Metro Fight Club’s Adrian Yanez took his skills to the professional level. After winning his first pro fight via TKO, he suffered his first defeat in a decision loss to Levi Mowles. He then rebounded with a stoppage win over Jake Snyder at Fury 6. His next fight is against D’Neareon Seymore Saturday at Fury 7, in Humble; Yanez is looking to take home another victory.

Mark Carrillo: You ended your last fight in spectacular form, flooring your opponent with a big right. What can we expect in your fight with Seymore?

Adrian Yanez: I’m expecting more of the same. My boxing and kickboxing will be the huge difference maker, I can also take him down and put him in bad positions. I don’t think he’s ready for a fighter like me. It’s going to be a great fight, hopefully the knockout comes so I can make a statement.

Carrillo: You didn’t give yourself much time off since your last fight. What made you want to jump right back into the cage?

Yanez: I was injured about a year, and was only able to get one fight in. I got a fire inside me that’s telling me I need to fight. A year with only one fight wasn’t what I had planned, and it hurt watching everybody jump ahead of me when I know I can beat those guys. So now I’m just really shaking out the ring rust so I can catch up to my goals. I want more fights, and I want belts around my waist. Nothing is going to stop that.

Carrillo: You always bring a huge crowd with you to your fights. At times it seems like half the people in attendance have a Yanez shirt on. How does it feel to have so many fans and supporters at this early stage in your pro career? How far do these people come from?

Yanez: I’m just very fortunate and blessed to have such a great fan base. It pushes me and drives me to get better and put on better performances. I have kids that look up to me and I try to make sure I’m being the best I can be to show them that hard work takes you far. It’s so cool as well knowing that people from all over Texas come out to support me. They come from The Valley, West Texas, and San Antonio. I have a couple of fans out-of-state as well. I’m just hoping to expand that range.

Carrillo: You are not the only fighter out of Metro that has had highlight finishes in the cage. What’s it like at Metro on sparring night?

Yanez: It’s always awesome sparring those guys. We put in the hard work and it shows in the cage, we have a really talented group of fighters. You always have to be on your game because everybody there is getting so good and you don’t want to leave with a headache. All in all, it’s awesome because it makes our fights so much easier.

Carrillo: Let’s say a royal rumble type situation broke out at the gym. Who comes out on top in an all out, no holds barred rumble?

Yanez: Coach Saul. Coach Saul always wins that one.

Carrillo: If MMA had “finishing moves” like the WWE, which in my own opinion would be cool as shit. What would be your finishing move?

Yanez: Honestly, I’d bring back the Stone Cold Stunner that was one of my favorites growing up. If I were to fight in a ring, it’d be the “619”. There’s just so many to choose from, but the Eddie Guerrero Frog Splash would be my third option. Pure awesomeness.

Carrillo: I saw you in the locker room area before your last fight. You were quiet, keeping to yourself, and looking calm. What was going through your head during that time?

Yanez: Well, my last fight I was trying my best to be in a certain “mode” that fighters get in, but I couldn’t. My mind was calm and just ready. Every fight I have had before I was always nervous, but my last fight I wasn’t like that. I was just ready.

Carrillo: How do you predict this fight ending?

Yanez: I predict another first round finish. I’ve been training very hard for this fight, so I don’t believe he will make it out the first.

Carrillo: What’s next for you after this fight?

Yanez: I want another fight, like I said, I want belts and titles.

Carrillo: Who all would you like to thank for helping you prepare for this fight?

Yanez: I want to thank all my training partners at Metro Fight Club. They come day in and day out to help each other get better. So thank you Mike Trinh, Steven Vera, Manny Lazoya, Jacob Silva, Kolton Englund, Charles Cheeks, Aaron Reeves, and Homero. A big thanks to the man in charge Coach Saul, without him I wouldn’t be in the position I am in now. I also would like to thank my mom, dad, my brother AJ, Nicole Garcia, my family, friends, and fans. the list could keep going and going but I’ll cut it short. Thank you for the interview, see you guys July 11th!

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