Belts of Honorious 9 Fight Card (Jun. 20, 2015) – Austin, TX

Belts of Honorious returns to Austin, Tx for Belts of Honorious 9. The amateur event is set to have a full card, but with amateur cards, you never know what will happen.

Fight Card (Subject to Change):

155 – Waylon Bronstrup (Herbert Arena Gym) vs. Dezmond Moore (Gravity Fight Club)

155 – Charles Spencer (AKATX) vs. Lyle Gonzales (Chasm Elite MMA)

145 – Matthew Pena (Hinojosa MMA) vs. Kyle Neal (UFC Gym)

145 – Jacob Salazar (Luling MMA) vs. Wes Lynch (Legion of Honor MMA)

145 – Obed Rascon (Luling MMA) vs. Larry Minified (Premier MMA)

155 – Joseph Karnavas (Gravity Fight Club) vs. Cesar Garcia (North Texas MMA)

135 – Branden Little (Brazilian Fight Factory) vs. Christopher Garcia (Elite Fitness)

170 – Joshua Easterly (Chasm Elite MMA) vs. Dillion Estes (Clutch MMA)

185 – Levi Millhollon (Eastside Austin Elite) vs. Lorne Washington (SFS MMA)

135 – Jesse James Rocha (Vasquez Academy) vs. Eric Martinez (UFC Gym)

155 – Peyton Burns (Gravity Fight Club) vs. John Herrera (Victoria BJJ)

155 – Dominic Peterson (Gravity Fight Club) vs. David Ramirez (Cedar Creek MMA)

125 – Joshua Dominquez (Ronny Lis MMA/South Austin Gym) vs. Christopher Arreaga (KO Empire)

145 – Jonathon Leal (Pinnacle Training Center/Brazilian Top Team) vs. William Blair (Full Contact Fight Academy)

155 – Alexander Aguilar (East Side Austin Elite) vs. Wesley Arnold (Mohler MMA)

185 – Luke Fiipos (East Side Austin Elite) vs. Sam Johnson (Fitness Fight Factory)

*Pending TDLR Approval*

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