Video: Chris Barnett With A Spinning Heal Kick KO At Inoki Genome Fight 3

I’ve been watching Chris Barnett fight for a few years. Every fight I watch, I’m always entertained. The former heavyweight fighter, now fighting at super-heavyweight, is quick and agile for someone two or three weight classes below.

At 330 or so pounds, Chris Barnett is bound to turn some heads, but despite six consecutive knockouts wins – including this doozy from this past weekend – “Huggy Bear” is arguably flying under the radar.

The 28-year-old made the most of his opportunity at the April 11 Inoki Genome Fight 3 event in Japan.

In the second round of his tournament fight with Emil Zahariev (22-6-1), Barnett fought off fatigue to land a perfectly placed spinning back kick to the gut. The blow forced Zahariev to verbally submit midway through the round.

h/t MMAJunkie

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